2022 End-of-Year Summary Love and Legacy Studios a Bucks County and Philadelphia Wedding Photographer This wedding season was like no other. It had its ups and downs as everything started opening up from Covid. We photographed a handful of weddings that were pushed back from Covid as well. This year we photographed almost 30 weddings, […]


2022 End of Year Summary

Living now in a digital age, we are literally losing touch with the moments that we will cherish years from now. The problem is that once your wedding images make it onto your computer at home, well, they stay there. They become nothing but a Facebook or Instagram post. I hope you’ll want more for your wedding images.


Album Design Tips

There are a lot of moving parts, BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! So you are in the right place! There are quite a few ways to alleviate a lot of the “run around” when planning your big day.


Just Engaged Tips

Here are a few items for you to remember to pack on your wedding day that you might not have thought of. When packing your “go-bag” for your wedding, there are a ton of things that you are probably thinking you might need. There are also some items you might not realize you’ll need that will save you later. Check them out below!


Wedding Items Not To Forget

The importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer in Bucks County


Importance of Hiring a Pro

Sonesta Maho in Sint Maarten is a beautiful place to host a destination wedding. The resort is a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests


Sonest Maho Wedding Sint Maarten

we have learned a few Wedding Tips that we love to tell our couples when trying to schedule their wedding day. The biggest thing as a photographer is to try and educate our couples as much as possible, so they know what certain things to expect on their big day.


5 Tips for Wedding Timeline

Theres alway a lot of buzz about doing the “First Look”. Typically when we do consultations, the question comes up very often about, “What is first look?”, “Should we do first look?”, “My Fiancé wants to see me for the first time coming down the isle.”. We have some great news for you, these are all very normal thoughts!


Why or Why Not “First Look”

This little interview below (with a past bride of mine) will be able to give you a little bit of a different perspective, and really answers questions only past couples can answer. Check it out!


Interview With A Past Bride

Engagement sessions are a blast because you will finally be able to spend some quality time getting to know your photographer. I doubt you will be thinking this because you’ll be scrambling on trying to figure out what to wear for your engagement session.


What To Wear For Your Engagement Session