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At Love and Legacy Studios our number 1 goal that we share is that we just want you and your families to have a freaking blast on your wedding day! You've worked so hard to put this day together for yourselves and it would be awful if you had a photographer that wouldn't let you enjoy it! Thats why our first priority is making sure you are comfortable and having fun the entire day. We want to be able to deliver you a story book of images that tells the story of your wedding day exactly how it happened, and not how your photographer "directed" it to happen. For that reason we want you to be you and we want your personalities to shine through in these images. We have a very special approach to the wedding day and it allows for you to have a blast, and us to be able to capture it in the most exciting way possible!

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Photographing over 10+ years, we've seen quite a few things...and more. Need some inspiration from a particular wedding venue? How about some secrets about creating the most well balanced, perfect, timeline? Or maybe you have no clue how to pick a spot for your engagement session? Check out the page where we talk about all sorts of secret wedding planning tips like these!

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Our founder Joe Dantone based his original brand of Joe Dantone Photography documenting couple's love stories. Quickly realized there's much more to a couples story than just their wedding. After 8 years as Joe Dantone Photography he formed the brand Love and Legacy Studios. So why the name you ask? It's exactly that, not only do we want to photograph your love story, we also want to be there through the growth of your family and photograph your legacy. So many years went by where we just focused on photographing the love story aspect. The wedding and everything that went with it. We realized there was much more to it. So not only are we there from engagement through wedding and album building, but also through the family events as well. We photograph your family every year, if you don't have kids but have pets and want a holiday shoot in Bucks County at somewhere like Tyler State Park, or your home town, we're here for that too. Maybe you have kids now and they've just turned 1 year old. We want to be there to document that as well. Take a look around the website and you'll see our weddings, engagement sessions, family sessions, and more!

Why the name Love and Legacy?